Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Aloko Udapadi full moive online

In 89 BC, King Walagamba of Sri Lanka, was troubled by power-hungry forces from within and from outside. A severe drought assailed the land for twelve unbroken years. Monks who perpetuated Buddha’s word by oral tradition, could not survive.

The monks were troubled both by the enemy and the famine. In the dark days, the loyal subjects protected their King. Enemy leaders killed each other for power and wealth. Well armed, the King dealt a deadly blow and regained the rule. In peace and prosperity, the monks facing the challenge wrote down the oral tradition. The Buddha’s compassionate teaching became an irreducible component of the whole of human culture.

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Directed by
Chathra Weeraman and

Baratha Hettiarachchi as Co-Director

Screenplay by
Saman Weeraman

Produced by
Thusitha Wijayasena

Tuesday, December 6, 2016