Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rohitha Rajapaksa - Lanwee Download

Vocals - Rohitha Rajapaksa
Melody & Lyrics - Rohitha Rajapaksa
Produced by Pasan Liyanage @Redfox

Video Director | DOP | Editor | VFX - Lakshan Edirisinghe @ Prime Meida
Colorist - Ananda Bandara
Backup Vocals - Hemi
Guitars - Primal
Mouth organ - Sachintha
Piano - Rihan

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school girl and boy

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Motor Bicycle Film Full movie

Rangana is a young musician from the working classes who dreams big. His aim is to rise above his station, even as he toils the low-rent barroom circuit with his band, playing night after night to under-appreciative crowds to make a frugal living. Tanya is the love of his life, the woman whom all this will be worth achieving. She is just finishing school. As he toils through the nights, his need of a mode of transport – a motor bicycle – becomes more and more apparent. He dreams of one day collecting enough money to buy one, finally buying a second hand motorbike despite his mother’s great protest. He now wants to taste his new found freedom with his beloved Tanya, along the city streets of Colombo. As Rangana and Tanya embark on this motorbike journey across the city, questions about their present, challenges to their future and the very essence of their lives is brought to the fore, in “Motor Bicycle.” 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

unuhuma 2 cover by sajna

Sajana is a lovely cute girl with sweet voice also she's talented......

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ho Ganaa Pokuna Full Movie

A new teacher arrives at a school with her first appointment in a remote village near Dambulla . The school has few students, with only the principal and Uma as the teacher. With the help of Uma the pupils gradually start to dream of bigger things than they ever imagined.